Feel Connect

Feel Connect

How to watch videos in the FeelConnect app?

You can connect the teledildonic device to the FeelConnect app on your phone and watch video on the phone using a cardboard headset (or a different headset that works similarly).

Devices compatibility

Android iOS
Lovense Y Y
Pearl2 Y Y
Pearl Y Y
Launch Y Y
Titan Y Y
Onyx2 Y Y


Here you can find the instructions on how to set everything up:

  1. Install Feel Connect app using the App Store or Google Play to your device

  2. Set your device up with Feel Connect (please check the instruction on How to connect your Interactive Toy with the FeelConnect app?”)

  1. Log into one of our VirtualReal sites using a web browser on your phone, and choose a video compatible with the FeelConnect

    • Click on “Menu” and select “Login”
  • Hit a spotlight search, select “Teledildonics” and check a box with the “Feel Connect” filter
  • Choose a video from the list click on the FeelConnect button above the video and hit the “Stream now” button


  • You should receive an option to be redirected to the FeelConnect app, click “Open” and enjoy your video!
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